First time to the world of dance?

Has it been a long time since you last danced?

Not sure where to start?

The first step in your dance journey is with our FREE Dance Consultation! All students have different abilities, goals,learning skills and interests and our staff is here to help make sure that your lessons are stress free and most importantly - a lot of fun!

At Capital Ballroom, we teach a wide variety of dances from Waltz and Tango, to Salsa and Swing. At your free evaluation we will explore some of the different types of dances available and determine what is best for you. We offer both private lessons and group classes. We will help you decide what the best way to start is*!

*New Students Only
Call or e-mail us now to schedule an appointment with one of our instructors /evaluators


There are many benefits to private dance instruction if its something that you decide is for you!

Dancing helps your:

Social Skills

We have a team of some of the best instructors in the area ready to teach you in any dance ranging from Waltz to Salsa!

 Private lessons are the quickest and most effective way to learn dancing!

Take advantage of our Free Dance Consultation to meet with us so that we can pair you with an instructor that we feel best suits your needs - or if you already know who you would like to take with, give us a call so we can get you going on your personal dance journey!

Private lessons can be for singles, couples, or small groups that would like the extra attention to their specific dance needs! Contact us to schedule your lesson today!


Studio Instructors

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