It's a moment you've thought about for as long as you can remember. For some, it's a slow, simple - almost spiritual dance. For others, it's an MGM musical moment! Whatever you have in mind - we at Capital Ballroom can make it happen.

It's your wedding dance: Three minutes captured forever in pictures, videos, and memories. Three minutes that your guests are sure to remember forever!

Nervous? No worries! You don't need to be an experienced dancer to express your love on the dance floor. A first dance is the first partnership of a man and wife: a public display of love.

 We want to make you happy!

The smiling crowd expecting a traditional slow dance, cheering you on as you break into a blues-y swing dance. What's that? A spin? A dip? A lift?! Tell us how bold you want to be - we can match your imagination with simple moves that dazzle!

Do you want something choreographed?
Does your wedding party need practice?
Need a "guerrilla" dance lesson?

Enter your reception hall with confidence, excited about your first dance as man and wife. We offer stress free instruction that fits your schedule. You'll be moving by the end of your first lesson and we guarantee that you'll have fun! Contact us today to set up your first lesson!

Wedding Package
5 Private Lessons - $425* ($85 per lesson!)
*Must be paid upfront